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Am Ch & Int Ch Draymia's Packing Heat CGC CA

Nov 11, 2011 -Dec 15, 2018

Am/Can Ch Draymia's Total Package CD SOM CGC  X  Ch Draymia's Absolute Flirt

Four weeks and looking cute.

First Baby Stack at 5-6 weeks

Loving Life

Plum at 6.5 months

Getting the sprinkler

Thinks the Ocean is spectacular

Running on the beach is exhausting

11 months and starting to get her act together.

Growing up and being a show dog

First Major

Loves snow also

She can move!

Looking good at ABC

New Champion!

Super Momma

Playing with her son, Timer.

            Health Tests Results
              5/5/14 AS/SAS Clear
       5/5/14  Echo Flow Rate   1.62
                  Holter Results
                12/14/14   1 VPC
               2/15/15      3 VPCs
                8/2/16      5 VPCs
                       DM At Risk
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